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Large Scale Industrial Incinerators for Paper Products

Question on your large scale industrial incinerators. Do you manufacture large volume industrial incinerators for paper products? I need an incinerator capable of incinerating with ash removal. I would burn approximately 200,000 lbs per large scale incineratorsmonth.

Answer: Good Day! Thank you for contacting Granite Environmental with your inquiry. We have a nice selection of industrial incinerators from which to choose, whether you are burning trash or pathological remains. All units are designed with solid waste thermal oxidation in mind, and engineered for the unique demands of mixed composition solid waste disposal.

Typical capacities for some of our larger units range from 175-250 lb/hr (80-114 kg/hr) to 363-605 lb/hr (165-275 kg/hr).

Depending on the exact amount of materials you need to incinerate and how long you incinerate each day, these units may be able to work for your location.

Things you will want to consider:

  • emission requirements
  • volume of waste
  • desired frequency of operation
  • time frame you have available for your project

If you require a unit capable of incinerating waste amounts above the amounts listed above, larger units will be manufactured to suit your specific requirements. Various waste loading options are available such as batch loading, intermittent loading with hydraulic ram or conveyor.

Please give us a call or an e-mail us with your contact information. A member of our tech team would be happy to answer more of your questions and discuss your industrial incinerator requirements.

We look forward to speaking with you about your large scale industrial incinerators requirements!

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