Lake Pollution

Methods to Control Lake Pollution

debris boom in useLitter pollution in the form of plastic and styrofoam pollution is prevalent as beach pollution on most stormwater retention lakes. Containing and retrieving trash and floatable debris is easy with a floating boom. Simply direct the litter to the shoreline where it can be economically collected in a net system or removed with a skimmer.

If there is a concern with invasive plants the use of Aquatic Plant Control Boom to control lake pollution will help contain these (some examples are water hyacinth islands, water lettuce, duck weed, etc). These types of invasive plants can be mechanically harvested easily once directed to a shoreline or economically treated with herbicides where appropriate.

There are several ways to control pollution entering the lakes and the use of oil spill cleanup boom and equipment will control oil sheen and spills on the surface of a lake and allow for easy oil cleanup. See our seven simple water pollution solutions.

During marine construction activities marine pollution can be avoid by using turbidity curtain to control in-water plumes of silt of suspended sediments.

Using these simple water pollution solutions are an economical way for pollution prevention.

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Information & Methods of Control

Water pollution has jumped to the forefront recently with pollution in lakes being a hot topic due to enforcement of the Clean Water Act (CWA). The EPA's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program controls point source discharges.

The predominant source of lake area pollution is through nonpoint source pollution which is generated from urban runoff or simply blown into the water.

They are many resources to find out more about water pollution prevention. Read more about Lake Shore Construction BMPs.

Pollution & Debris Control Products

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