Rainwater Harvesting Pillow Tank

Pillow Tanks for Rainwater Collection and Harvesting

rainwater harvesting tank Question regarding a rainwater harvesting pillow tank: What do you do with these rainwater pillows during the winter? Can it be kept outside if the pillow is full of water or does it have to be drained? How do you fill and drain these tanks?

Answer: Thank you for your inquiry! Rainwater Pillow Tanks are a perfect choice for rainwater collection and storage in almost any location. Depending on what fabric is being used, tanks have been known to operate in temperatures as low as -20° F, -42° F or even -58° F. If there is a specific temperature you will need these units to operate in, please let us know and we will try to find a fabric that can accommodate this request.

Due to their ability to be stored in low temperatures, these tanks can successfully be used during the winter. If they are placed near a home or building, they will also be able to retain the heat radiated from these buildings. This will help them to function in winter months.

Pillow tanks are also extremely good at retaining heat. When compared to a steel unit, these tanks can retain 50 percent more heat. All of these components can help these tanks during the winter months.

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Draining and Filling a Collapsible Tank

collapsible tanksDuring rainwater collection, different options have been used for draining and filling these tanks. Options will change depending on where you are storing these tanks and how you are planning to collect rainwater. Pillow tanks are often used with inlets that can be connected to downspouts. This allows them to collect water directly from a downspout or gutter system.

In general, filling of a rainwater harvesting pillow tank can include gravity flows, pumps, or other options. A rainwater harvesting pillow tank may include a standard fitting of a ball valve (2" to 4") with cam lock, storz or threaded fittings to match fill hoses.

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