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Coconut Coir Logs Installation

Question: Hi, questions regarding coconut coir logs installation - we purchased some coconut coir logs and our maintenance men don't want to damage them during installation. Are there additional instructions online for installation?

Coir Log Installation

Coir logs are typically installed to a location through the use of wooden stakes. These stakes are usually placed through either side of the log to help with stabilization. The following can be seen as a general procedure on how these logs can be installed to a location.

  1. coir logs for bank stabilizationPrepare the Surface: The surface area where coir logs will be placed should be free from rocks, debris and other obstructions. This helps to ensure that plants or seeding placed with the log can be easily installed to the area.
  2. Anchor the Coir Log: Coir logs are typically installed using a wooden wedge with a nail on top. This nail helps to place downward pressure on the log to keep it in place during use.

    Most wooden wedges will have a tapered design that is larger on the top of the wedge and smaller at the bottom. This helps to prevent twine ties from slipping off the wedge.

As a general guideline, is it usually best to install a coir log when it is dry, rather than when it is wet. Staples may be used along the bottom of the log to help keep it in place during use. Please view the following general guide on spacing for coir logs.

  • 12 inch Logs: Every 3 feet (moderate flow) Every 3.5 feet (low flow)
  • 16 inch Logs: Every 2.5 feet
  • 20 inch Logs: Every 2 feet

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