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Coir Logs Information

Specs and Details on Coir Logs

Question on Coir Logs Information: Can you give me some specs and details for the coir log? I am trying to use these on a construction site and I'm not sure whether these or something like a coir wattle would be better.

Answer: coir logsThank You for contacting Granite Environmental. I'd be happy to tell you about our coir logs. They are designed to help them to withstand wave impact and stormwater sheetflow forces without deformation or loss of material ensuring maximum erosion prevention.

Further coir logs information: BioD-Roll™ coconut coir logs are made from 100% Decorticated Coconut (Coir) Fibers compressed in a tubular Coir Mesh Netting. The outer high tensile strength Coir Mesh Netting is hand knotted at distances 1.77” x 2.17” in the machine & cross direction for superior performance even in the most challenging conditions. It will degrade over a period of time 2 to 5 years, making this an effective and natural erosion control solution.

Sizes come in a length of 10' or 20' with a diameter of 12", 16", and 20".

Coir Logs and Coir Wattles

coir wattleWhen comparing items like the coir logs and coir wattles, the main difference you will be able to see is in terms of density. A coir log is a tightly packed unit that that can be stood on without the log using its shape or structure.

By contrast, a coir wattle is a little less densely packed and will indent slightly when stood on. Either can work on a construction site, although coir wattles are commonly chosen due to their additional filtering ability. Because they are less tightly packed, coir wattles a better equipped to filter out sediment and silt from stormwater runoff.

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