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Information on Small Scale Incinerator

Question: Do you have any information on small scale incinerator. Something medical waste incineratorlike a brochure or manual that you could send me on the small trash and drug disposal incinerators?

Answer: Thank you for contacting Granite Environmental with your inquiry! We dohave a couple of different brochures and flyers that provide information regarding our trash and drug disposal incinerators. To receive information on one of these incinerators, please feel free to contact us and ask about these portableunits.

Drug and Trash Incinerator Information

In addition to the brochures shown above, please check out additional information on small scale incinerator units and how they can be used

Trash Incinerator does not require the use of any external fuel, so incineration is simple! After the incinerator is loaded with the materials you wish to burn, start the incineration process through the panel located on the unit. From here, materials will be incinerated first in the primary chamber. Gases from this process will flow into the secondary chamber for further incinerationprior to emission into the air.

What Can be Burned in this Incinerator?

  • Oil-Soaked Materials or Waste Oil
  • Domestic Waste
  • Paper or Wood Products
  • Grease
  • Filters that have been Used

Drug Disposal Incinerator is designed with two incineration chambers to create a safe incineration process. If the drugs that you have inserted into the incinerator are non-combustible drug paraphernalia, these materials will have been sterilized by the heat and the remains can be safely disposed of in a municipal waste.

I would recommend that you give our tech team a call to discuss further specifications to determine which small scale incinerator will be best for your particular application.

If you have any additional questions regarding information on small scale incinerator and other products, please contact our GEI Works product specialists at +1-772-646-0597.

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