Inflatable Marker Buoy and Float

Floating Marine Buoy for Barriers and Boats

inflatable marker buoyThe inflatable marker buoy is expected to withstand even the toughest marine conditions and outside elements. Our buoys and crab marker floats are built for rigorous commercial marine use, and are also perfect for pleasure craft owners. Each bullet nose float and inflatable buoy is manufactured from high quality marine grade material for strength and durability.

These all-purpose floating marine buoys can be used in conjunction with a variety of anchoring systems as part of your turbidity curtain and boom application. After installation, your floating buoy can attach to and float above your anchors as they keep your boom or curtain in place. Anchoring is a common requirement for any Type 2 or Type 3 Moving Water Silt Curtain, and this particular inflatable marker buoy is optimal for Turbidity Curtain, Silt Barrier, and Boom anchoring systems. They are also often used by pleasure craft owners as fender buoys for their stability, buoyancy, and reliability. See all buoy pricing here.

Inflatable Marker Buoy

Inflatable Buoy Single Valve Design Inflation is extremely easy through an advanced improved single valve design (pictured right), which prevents leakage by incorporating longer thread lengths (A) and a newly designed seating surface (B). This inflatable marker buoy is versatile enough for any of your applications in the ocean, sea, river or lake. Its high visibility design makes this floating buoy an excellent choice as a fender buoy, demarcation guide and mooring signal, as well as part of any anchoring system. This floating marine buoy can be used to mark underwater debris, swim boundaries or shallow areas.

Inflatable Marker Buoy Specifications

Circumference 45.55" / 115.71 cm
Diameter 14.5" / 36.83 cm
Length 20" / 50.8 cm
Weight 4.39lbs. / 1.99 kg
Buoyancy 57.1lbs. / 25.9 kg
Rope Eye Diameter 1.5"

floating buoyThis versatile floating buoy is designed with a single valve system for easy inflation and deflation,which also protects the buoy from leaks and stripping. Each inflatable marine buoy features heavy duty extra-large molded rope eyes designed for maximum strength and durability. Its heavy duty large radius rope eye makes it ideal for use with shackles for commercial fisherman, pleasure craft owners, or anyone in the marine industry.

High quality marine grade vinyl combined with the large heavy duty rope eye makes these multi-function buoys the optimal choice for any of your marine applications. Remember, inflatable marine buoys are essential for use with your boom and turbidity curtain anchoring systems.

Floating Marker Buoy (Crab Floats)

buoysAlso known as crab floats, bullet nose floats, and surface floats, these marker buoys are made from the most durable hardened weather resistant PVC foam. They are commonly used by commercial boaters and fisherman, and are recommended to be paired with turbidity curtain, silt barrier, and boom anchoring systems. These floating marker buoys are also commonly used in demarcation efforts to identify shallow water areas, swim boundaries, or underwater equipment or debris.

Crab Float Specifications

Floating Marker Size 7" x 14" 5" x 11"
Buoyancy 16 lbs. 6.5 lbs.
Color Orange Orange

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