Inflatable Boat Fenders

Heavy Duty Boat Dock Bumpers

Inflatable Boat FendersGEI Works Boat Fenders are heavy duty, inflatable boat dock bumpers designed to last. They are constructed of marine-grade materials and are often used on military and police patrol boats to protect their hulls during routine patrol stops. But they're also handy for protecting small boats, heavy use docks, yachts, commercial boats, or for rafting several boats together on the water. Consider using them as boat trailer fenders, dock fenders, dock piling bumpers, or for rental watercraft.

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Inflatable Boat Fender Features

  • Easily inflatable via hand pump, battery pump, or electric pump
  • Low bulk storage, simply deflate and fold away
  • Marine growth inhibitors
  • Mold resistant
  • Heavy duty, high strength PVC construction
  • Seatbelt-grade nylon webbing with side release buckles
  • Boat Bumper Product Flyer (PDF)

Inflatable Boat Fender Specifications

Diameter Length Bladder Cover Valve Type
12" 8', 10', or 12' 30 oz. Marine-Grade Black Elvaloy Gray 22 oz. PVC Boston-Style
18" 8', 10', or 12' 30 oz. Marine-Grade Black Elvaloy Gray 22 oz. PVC Boston-Style
24" 8', 10', or 12' 30 oz. Marine-Grade Black Elvaloy Gray 22 oz. PVC Boston-Style

Applications for Boat Bumpers

Boat BumperOur inflatable boat fenders are used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Rental Boats: Permanently install dock fenders on high traffic docks where boat and jet ski rentals depart and return.
  • Boat Trailer Fenders: Install on your boat trailer to protect your boat's hull when bringing your boat out of the water.
  • Military and Law Enforcement: The boat bumpers can be filled prior to your patrol and staged on the side of a boat to protect the length of the hull during patrol stops. Then at the end of the day, simply reverse the valve and pump, deflate, and fold for storage.
  • Yacht Fenders: Boat fenders are great for a variety of yachts and super yachts. Their ease of inflation and low-bulk storage keeps deck and storage space clear.
  • Hurricane Protection: Instead of buying additional fenders during hurricane season, use our long boat bumper to protect your boat during storms. It's designed for tough conditions and saltwater exposure. The bumpers contain marine growth inhibitors and are mold resistant, so they will be easy to clean when you return after the storm. They also work as dock piling bumpers, and can be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • Research Vessels: Maritime research boats spend many long days at sea. Instead of buying new fenders every year, buy GEI Works boat fenders that will last many missions.

Designed for Tough Conditions

Inflatable Boat BumpersBoat fenders are designed for extended heavy duty use. They protect military and law enforcement boats during routine patrol stops, attach to maritime research vessels, and easily attach to high traffic docks where boats and jet skis are rented.

Each boat fender is constructed from a 30 oz. marine-grade Elvaloy fabric that is UV-resistant and has marine growth inhibitors to extend its life. The fabric is specifically designed for repeat inflations and is also mold resistant. Seasonal boaters might find themselves buying new traditional boat fenders every year, but GEI Works boat fenders are for life.

Our rapidly inflatable boat dock bumpers are designed for frequent use on small boats, yachts, and even larger commercial ships. They're available in standard lengths of 8', 10' and 12', and diameters 12", 18", and 24". Custom lengths are also available— just ask our GEI Works team.

Easily Inflatable and Folds for Low Bulk Storage

GEI Works inflatable boat fenders are easily filled via the use of a pump. Hand pumps work well but a battery-powered or electric pump quick-fills the fender in no time. With the Boston-style fill valve, there's no air loss when you remove the pump.

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