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Incinerators for Environmental Company

Question about incinerators for environmental company: I am a representative of an environmental company in Ecuador. We are looking for incineration system capable of burning 7-10 tons solid waste per day. The waste will contain plastic, wood, paper, rubber, textiles, geo-textiles, cardboard contaminated with hydrocarbons and hospital solid waste. Can you send a quote? solid waste incinerator

Answer: Thank you for your inquiry! We will be happy to prepare a quote for your application and send it to you by email or fax. Unfortunately, we do not currently have product information available in Spanish, but we can send you information in English. If you are interested in a specific incinerator model we can have it translated for you.

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Large Incinerators for Environmental Company

One important factor to consider prior to installation of an incinerator system is the government regulations that may be applicable to incineration of certain types of waste.

The size waste stream that you are seeking to incinerate will require a larger incinerator capable of processing a mixed stream of waste. Our thermal oxidizer model A 4.2 (shown in the picture above) is capable of processing 363-605 lbs per hour for a mixed waste stream application. This is our largest incineration unit and can provide you with the highest capacity.

We can also have a custom incinerator constructed specifically for your application.

If you have questions about any of our incinerators in US, give us a call at +1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.


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