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Barrel Burner Trash Incinerator

incinerator portableThe barrel burner trash incinerator is an economical product designed to help incinerate trash, wood, paper, and other larger materials that may typically be burned in an open pit. Designed as a safer alternative to this method, these incinerators help locations to dispose of their materials. Need to incinerate an oily or wet product but it is too difficult to burn? This incinerator portable oil away attachment is designed specifically for those "wet" loads typically not burnable in a trash incinerator.

When trying to incinerate a load with a moisture content above 15%, sustaining a flame in the incinerator can prove difficult. This oil away attachment connects to the trash incinerator to consistently introduce small amounts of oil into the process, allowing the flame to continuously burn.

Using this oil attachment is easy. Simply start a fire in the incinerator so that materials start burning. Next, attach an oil pump to the incinerator and allow the fire to continue to burn until the entire oil drum has been emptied. This can save you valuable time and allow a larger variety of your materials to be disposed of with the trash incinerator.

Items Included with Oil Attachment

  • Metered Pump that Operates at 3 to 6 Gallons per Hour
  • Hose to Riser (Riser is Inside Drum)
  • Nozzle
  • Fittings and Attachments you Might Need

What Can a Trash Incinerator Burn with the Oil Away Attachment?

  • Waste Oil for Disposal (Eliminated at 6 gallons per hour)
  • Many Organic Materials
  • Oil Gloves, Rags, Clothes, and Absorbent Materials
  • Paper, Filters, and Various other Wood Products
  • Non-Hazardous Waste
  • See more about the 55 Gallon Drum Barrel Burner*
*The drum is an option that can be added. The Barrel Burner is also available for sale without the drum.

We also have a page devoted to the drum requirements for these burners.

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