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Incinerator for Precious Metals Recovery

Question regarding an incinerator for precious metals recovery: Hi, I am looking for a unit that can help with the recovery of precious metals. We have some rags with these materials on them and would like to dispose of them. What type of incinerator would I need to use for this type of metal recovery?solid waste incinerators

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For the recovery of precious metals and/or the disposal of other products such as solid waste, one of the most common units used is one of our Solid Waste Incinerators. These units come in several different models depending on the amount of waste you need to dispose of and the rate and which you need to incinerate materials.

Most incinerators are made with a multi-chambered system that works to adapt to the demands of precious metal recovery or solid waste disposal. These systems have a primary chamber that incinerates the materials, and a secondary chamber that works as a thermal oxidizing system. This works to create a complete incineration of materials in a safe and environmentally safe way.

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Incinerator Applications

The solid waste incinerator has been used for a wide range of applications including use in the following applications: small scale incinerator

  • Solid Waste Disposal
  • Precious Metals Recovery
  • Photo Papers
  • Minerals
  • Film Disposal
  • Cremation of Animal Remains
  • Cremation of Pathological Human Remains

Capable of handling several different materials, these incinerators have been used by a wide range of companies and industries to help with safe waste disposal. Sizing for these incinerators can vary depending on your recycling process. For more information, please check out our Solid Waste Incinerators.