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In-Situ Burning Fire Boom

Fire Boom for Marine Fires

The in-situ burning fire boom is a protective barrier and mainly used in accidental marine fires as a short term solution in an oil spill response.

Controlled burning as an oil spill response that has a relatively young history in the professional oil spill cleanup market but it is one of the most effective.

Seen in the latest DeepWater Horizon oil catastrophy, controlled burning has a huge impact if spreading oil in an emergency situation has to controlled and eliminated in a short period of time. As an economical and effective floating water barrier to prevent the spread of oil fires on water, our fire boom is available in standard models and sizes and can be also built custom.

Please see the variety of fire booms we have in our assortment below.

Variety of Fire Booms

  • Steel
  • Synthetic water (hydro) cooled
  • Ceramic lava rock
  • High temperature resistant core and ceramic fabric components

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The in-situ burning booms displayed above provide a superior solution for oil spill control at the source.

Several fire booms are American made and international companies also manufacture solutions to perform controlled burns, as done for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010 through the US Coast Guard (

Benefits of an In-Situ Burning Process

  • Supports deliberate controlled combustion
  • Can corral spilled oil on water
  • Eliminates most oil spills
  • Allows oil to be burned in place