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How to Clean Contaminated Boom

Products for Handling Oil Soaked Containment Booms

on how to clean contaminated boom. I am looking for procedures on handling the cleaning of oil soaked and contaminated booms once they are removed for servicing and cleaning. Florida has industrial waste water rules that must be incorporated in to a regular decontamination procedure. I am an environmentalist and formerly worked on oil drilling rigs and worked in HAZMAT and emergency response too! I am trying to research other folks and states that have done the homework on a good decontamination procedure. I have found that sometimes my suppliers when I worked in the private sector had already "been there, done that" and they had information available for their client on such as decontaminating an oil boom etc.

Thank you for asking. Our GEI Works tech team would be happy to support you as your resource pool to clean contaminated boom.

When dealing with contaminated oil boom materials, there are a couple of different options you could consider to help to clean contaminated boom. In general, most people implement the use of some kind of berm or pool to hold water that has been washed off. This containment area keeps contaminated materials contained until they can be properly disposed.

Decontamination Pools

decon poolsOne of the most popular items used for cleanup of a contaminated boom is a decontamination pool. These pools can include either an open-top onion structure or an open-top frame structure. Booms, rags, spill clothing and other materials can be placed into these large pools for hosing and washing down.

Spill Containment Berms

spill bermsAnother option to consider when looking for how to clean contaminated oil boom is the spill berm. While these berms are commonly used for containment during a spill, they may also be used to clean long areas of boom. When compared to a pool, these berms may be able to provide a longer containment area, allowing your booms to be stretched out during cleaning.

Standard berms come with a wall height of around one foot, although higher walls may be able to be constructed upon request. Please ask! For more information on available products, please check out our Secondary Spill Containment Products.

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