Coir Logs for Shoreline Erosion Control

Natural Erosion Control Solutions with Coir Products

coir logsQuestion: I need a cost estimate for 150 of feet coir fiber logs for a shoreline erosion control project. I need either 18 or 20 inch coir fiber rolls. How long do coir products? Please let me know.

Answer: Thanks for thinking of GEI Works for your shoreline erosion control project! Depending on the application, water flow, and soil on the site, Coir Logs offered by GEI Works can last anywhere from two to five years. Over this period of time, erosion control coir logs will slowly biodegrade into their surrounding environment. As they biodegrade, coir fiber logs will naturally enrich the soil to further support plant growth and vegetation.

In general, most of the coir logs supplied by GEI Works are made from one of our standard sizes. These sizes include:

  • Length: Standard 10 feet
  • Diameters: 12 in. or 16 in.

The standard 10-foot size is offered by GEI Works to keep lead times to a minimum, increase availability across the market, and ensure that each section of coir log is easy to manage during installation. To cover the needs of longer shoreline erosion control projects, multiple coir logs can be offered and easily connected using coir twine.

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Coir Logs for a Shoreline Erosion Control Project

coir logs for shoreline stabilizationWhen used for a Shoreline Erosion Control project such as along a river, coast, stream, pond or lake, coir fiber rolls stabilize the site and provide heightened support against waves and tides.

To help increase shoreline stabilization and extend erosion control support in your area, vegetation and plants are often installed directly into and around coir fiber logs. This helps stabilize the soil and encourage new plants to form deep roots and flourish. Regardless of the size and scope of the shoreline erosion control project, plants and vegetation are often considered the best erosion control protection due to their durability.

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