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Coir Logs for a Shoreline Erosion Control

Shoreline Stabilization Project

Question regarding coir logs for a shoreline erosion control. I need a cost estimate for 150 feet coir fiber logs for a shoreline stabilization project. I need either 18 or 24 inch coir fiber logs. How long do the coir logs last? coir logsPlease let me know.

Answer: Thank you for asking. Depending on your application, water flow, and soil in the area, coir logs can last anywhere from two to five years (2-5 yrs). Over this period of time, coir logs will slowly biodegrade into their surrounding environment. As they biodegrade, logs will naturally enrich the soil to further support plant growth and vegetation.

You have mentioned needing a coir log that is either 18 or 24 inches in diameter. In general, most of the coir logs that we supply are made from one of our standard sizes. These sizes include:

  • 10 foot Lengths
  • 12 inch Diameter
  • 16 inch Diameter
  • 20 inch Diameter

Please feel free to look through this list and see if one of these diameter options will work for your location. If so, please fill out a and our sales team will provide you with pricing by email.

If not, we would be happy to check with our manufacturing locations to see if the sizes you require can be accommodated. Standard sizing is only offered to help decrease lead times and increase availability of the product.

Coir Logs for a Shoreline Erosion Control Project

coir logsWhen used for a shoreline erosion control project (such as along a river, coast, stream, pond or lake), coir logs work to stabilize the area and provide a heightened support to protect against waves and tides.

To help increase stabilization and extend the erosion control in your area, vegetation and plants are often installed directly into and around these logs. This helps to stabilize the soil for plants to take root and form. Regardless of your erosion control problem, plants and vegetation and often considered the best erosion control protection due to their long-lasting ability.

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