How Long Do Coir Logs Last?

Coir Fiber Rolls for Erosion Control

coir logsQuestion: How long do coir logs last? Also, where do the raw materials come from? I have heard that these logs are biodegradable and may be able to go away over time? How does this process work? How long does it take?

Answer: Thank you for reaching out to GEI Works! I would be happy to answer questions about the coir products we offer. Regarding the lifespans of coir fiber logs, typically, erosion control logs will last anywhere from two to five years. Coir log lifespans will vary depending on the location and condition of the site. These factors contribute to the biodegrading process. The more that the coir logs are exposed to the elements once installed, the shorter their lifespans.

Coir Log Composition

coir logsThe GEI Works' Coir Logs are made with densely-packed mattress coir fiber and durable coir twine as a 100% biodegradable erosion control solution that's safe for the environment.

GEI Works' coir fiber is derived from the husks of coconuts during harvestings. During the coir harvesting process, these fibers are soaked in water for extended periods of time. This soaking helps to increase the strength of the fibers for a high level of erosion control.

Shorter fibers, often called mattress coir, are used to pack GEI Works' products, such as the coir logs and the coir wattles. Depending on the product specifications, fibers may be packed more or less densely.

Longer fibers, by contrast, are spun together to form coir twine and are used to hold together the outer layer of coir logs and for building coir mats. These fibers are ideal for containing materials and stabilizing soils.

Due to the fact that these fibers are all derived from coconut husks, the materials used are 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. Coir fiber logs are designed to naturally biodegrade over time and do not require any kind of additional prompting or requirements after installation. As coir logs biodegrade, the coir fibers will enrich the surrounding soil for further vegetative support.

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