Anchoring Debris Boom in a Calm River

Debris Boom Anchor System in Calm River

Question: I would like to find out from you what the procedure is in actually fitting a floating debris boom across a calm river with a width of 40 meters. What other equipment do I need to affix the boom on either side of the river bank? Does one need to have some sort of positioning stabilizer in the center of the total length to avoid extreme curving? What kind of anchoring system would I need?

debris boom anchor system in calm river

Answer: Thank you for asking. There are couple of different ways you could consider positioning your debris boom in a calm river. Depending on exactly how calm your river is or the equipment you have available, different methods may work better than others. For more information on the types of floating barriers we have, see all our debris booms.

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The two typical anchoring system techniques used for this type of deployment include the following:

  • Anchoring Directly to the Shore: This is done through piles. Ends of the booms can be tied to these pilings to keep them securely anchored while at work.

  • Anchoring to the Water Bottom: This is achieved by putting rope above the debris boom and securing it with concrete bucket anchors placed on the water bottom.

Debris Boom Installation and Anchor Systems

debris boom anchor systemAnchors and other debris boom marine accessories are important to the success of your project. The kind of debris boom anchor system, how you anchor you debris boom, and how many anchor points are needed depends upon the water conditions, current, waves, in your area. Plans for anchor systems are usually developed through conversation or exchange of information regarding the currents, waves, tides, and other conditions. Some typical anchor systems include the use of anchors, buoys, and ties.

Anchors are connected to inflatable marker buoys, which are then connected to the barrier. These anchors can be placed along the barrier at various points to help your containment boom stay in place. For a barrier or debris boom in calm river water, this is usually not necessary unless there is some kind of current.

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