Geosynthetics for Waste Containment

Using Geotextiles for Waste Containment Applications

Question regarding geosynthetics for waste containment: Can you tell me how geotextiles are used for
waste containment?

geosynthetics for waste containment

Answer: Thank you for contacting us. Landfills typically use geomembranes to line the ground prior to filling with products that may cause contamination. Depending on what type of control you are looking to achieve, different geotextiles may be used.

In general, most landfills use some kind of a liner material such as an HDPE, HR, LLDPE, or Polypropylene fabric. These materials are typically high in UV resistance, high in their chemical resistance, and high in their ability to resist puncture, tear, and abrasion.

Choosing a Waste Containment Liner

Choosing the right liner for your application depends significantly on several site factors. Some of the factors we commonly urge customers to take into consideration includes:

  • polypropylene linerSite Conditions: This can include wind, water, and soil conditions.

  • Type of Waste Being Contained: If there is a specific waste that you would like to contain, please let us know. Liner materials are often chosen for their resistance to a specific chemical or liquid you are trying to contain.

  • Weight of Objects in the Landfill: Anytime you are looking to install or use a geomembrane liner, it is always important to take into account the approximate weight of the material stored on the liner as well as demands required for installation. These can play a large roll in determining the thickness of your liner.

If you are interested in purchasing geosynthetics for waste containment, a waste containment liner for landfills, or other waste containment areas, please feel free to contact us with your specifications. In addition to the factors above, it is also helpful to know the exact size of your location, as well as any drains, pipes, or equipment that need to be cut out
of the liner or installed around.

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