Hospital Waste Incinerator

Incinerators For Pathogenic Waste

Request a Price QuoteThis hospital waste incinerator is designed for the safe incineration of pathogenic wastes. In order to provide you with a higher quality of waste disposal, these medical incinerators have a dual chamber design that provides a safe and thorough incineration process.

To operate this unit, waste materials are inserted into the primary chamber of the unit. The stacked design of these incinerators allows air to go through two chambers before the air enters the atmosphere. This helps to fully incinerate your materials before they enter the atmosphere. See all incinerators.

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Medical Waste Incinerator Specifications
System Capacity
0.3 MMBtu/hr. waste combustion
30-50 lbs./hr. processing capacity for solid waste streams
Batch Capacity
Approx. 9-10 cu. ft. per 4-6 hr. batch cycle
Fuel Requirements
25 gal. Diesel or #2 Fuel Oil
Electrical Requirements
Single Point, 120 VAC, 25 amp


As seen in the information above, these incinerators are designed to help incinerate your materials successfully in your location. These specific incinerators are rated with a system capacity of 0.3 MMBtu/hr. Requirements will include 25 gallons of diesel or #2 fuel oil and an electrical requirements of a single point, 120 VAC, 25 amp.

For information on emissions amounts for other concentrations including dioxins, furans, and hydrochloric acid, please visit our Emission Comparison page.

For more specifications on this product, please visit our incinerator medical waste specifications page.

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