Heating Oil Tank

Steel Tanks for Heating Oil

Our Heating Oil Tanks are used in a variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications for the storage of fuel oil. Designed for above ground and underground storage applications, tanks are constructed to UL Heating Oil Tanks(Underwriters Laboratories) standards for each heating fuel tank application. View All Storage Tanks

HotShot Heated Residual Fuel Oil Storage Tank

Fuel oil used in institutional and industrial applications is typically heated prior to burning in order to lower strain on the fuel pumping system. This creates unique environmental conditions and challenges for the fuel storage tank. Utilizing innovative, multi-layered engineering, The HotShot Heated Residual Fuel Oil Storage Tank is specifically designed to provide optimum tank safety and performance for storage of heavy residual fuel oils (RFOs) in challenging environments.

Constructed according to UL-58 Standards, maximum interior surface protection is achieved by use of industrial high-temperature, two-part catalyzed interior coating that is applied over a grit blast.

Externally, a pre-engineered cathodic protection system combined with the high temperature resistive exterior coating creates a dependable dielectric barrier between the tank and the underground environment.

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Standard Features
3,000-50,000 gallon (11,356 - 189,270 L) capacity
Electric heating elements
Flanged Fittings
Double-walled construction
Shrouded heating coil
Level and leak detection system
Exterior corrosion protection system
2" (5.08 cm) injected foam insulation between tank walls
Interior high-temperature two-part catalyzed coating
Aboveground, UL-142 designs to 60,000 gallons (227,124 L)
5-year limited warranty

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Cylindrical Heating Fuel Tank

The Cylindrical Heating Fuel Tanks are designed in accordance with Standards for Installation of heating oil tank, heating oil tanksOil Burning Equipment, NFPA-31, 1992,(National Fire Protection Association).

Ideal for residential use, The Cylindrical Heating Fuel Tank is easily installed and safe to use with modern high-volume quick delivery systems. The tank can be installed outdoors or in a crawl space.Available in horizontal and vertical models.

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