Hazmat Clean Up

Spill Containment with Absorbents

hazmat clean upQuestion: I am interested in hazmat clean up. I have a disaster clean up company and have been asked several times about hazmat kits. I was wondering what I would need to have on hand and what it would cost.

Answer: Thank you for contacting GEI Works with your hazmat cleanup inquiry.

Setting up a hazmat kit really depends on the type of response and site location. We have a variety of Spill Clean Up products available.

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Hazmat Cleanup Kit Contents and Options

Our hazmat clean up kit contents include pads, socks, gloves, goggles, wipes, disposal bags, and other absorbents and products for hazmat clean up. Spill kits also range in gallon drum capacity from 20 gallons to 95 gallon drum spill kits. We also carry oil-only spill kits for large containment needs. Large spill response kits are equipped to handle 291 gallons, and our extra large oil spill kits can handle 500 gallons.

We also offer emergency spill kits with a variety of items. Contact us today to discuss what products would be best to have for hazmat clean up when spills happen. When putting together a hazmat clean up kit, these are some of the absorbents you may want to include.

Types of Absorbents in Hazmat Clean Up Kits

  • oil spill clean up boomOil Boom
    Oil boom as a clean up and containment solution has a variety of applications for both large and small spills. Floating boom contain spills in different types of water, from calm, fast, to open water situations, and oil absorbent boom contains spills on land and in water when placed around the area.

  • Oil Fence
    An oil fence is an alternative to other oil containment and control devices. Fence boom, made from impermeable PVC, can be deployed quickly and is effective at handling contact with oil. This containment device is deployed in wetlands, marshes, and docks. Oil fences are ideal for extended containment.

  • Absorbent Boom
    Spaghetti absorbent boom is designed to remove oil spills in moving water. The high strength absorbent has interior absorbent strips inside its open cell netting. These features give it increased absorbency to prevent further oil spills on sites.

  • spill containment absorbentsAbsorbent Rolls
    Flexible, quick clean up for spills, absorbent rolls can be cut or perforated to meet your containment needs and hazmat clean up. This containment product can be rolled out for equipment and can be used for long or short containment projects. Rolls come in different models. Dimpled models feature extra strength and durability. Anti-static models are perfect for fire-risk areas due to static. Perforated models tear easily to become the size you need.

  • Absorbents
    When needing to quickly contain a spill, absorbent boom is useful when setting up an absorbing perimeter as cleanup efforts are going on. Absorbents have different uses and applications. From general maintenance boom to universal spill boom, the advantages of boom are that they work on land and in water to absorb a variety of materials.

  • passive oil skimmerOil Skimmers
    A passive oil spill skimmer is a cost-effective, hassle-free solution to keeping compliance and absorbing oil in a location affected by stormwater runoff. The skimmer removes oil from stormwater drains and can absorb up to one gallon of hydrocarbons.

  • Tar Ball Nets
    An oil spill containment net system that captures tar balls and allows sand to drop through is helpful in oil spill cleanup operations. This product features a PVC coated float and a net made from non-woven geotextiles and fine mesh with small windows that allow sea life and sand to pass through.

Hazmat Clean Up Kit Pricing

Our spill containment specialists can provide the hazmat cleanup kit pricing information that you need. Simply let us know the scope of your company or projects and we can suggest how many spill kits to have on hand and offer our best competitive prices.

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