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Geotextile Tubes to Remove Silt

Geotextile Tubes for Removing Silt from Marina Inlets

Question regarding geotextile tubes to remove silt. I need to remove approximately 3200 cy of silt geotextile tubefrom a marina inlet. What size geotube would I need?

Answer: Thank you for contacting GEI Works (formerly Granite Environmental)!I'd be happy to assist you with your inquiry. Sizing for Geotextile Tubes depends significantly on several site-specific factors and requirements. Some of the common factors we urge customers to take into account when considering a dewatering project includes the following:

  • Available Space on Site Locations
  • Pumping Rate of Materials
  • Type of Sediment Needing to be Retained
  • Material Being used
  • % of Water Content in the Media
  • Size of the Particles
  • Shrinkage When Dry and Soil Composition

In general, a geotextile tube can be made in a size as long as 200 feet in length and a circumference as large as 90 feet in height. However, depending on you particular space, this sizing may not be able to be accommodated in your location. For this reason, various lengths and circumferences are available.

Dewatering Tube Information

This technology is often the most inexpensive economical route to consider for treating a specific sludge / geotextile tubesslurry stream.

Simple soil analysis in conjunction with hanging bag tests can economically determine the correct fabric and pore size necessary for the conditions to safely deploy the Dewatering Tube in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our woven geotextile fabric is excellent for larger operation where 30', 45', 60' or 90' circumference is required. This has excellent UV and filtration properties and performs very well. We have found that using flocculent in combination with the dewatering tubes improve performance (solidification, filtering and discharge rates). Lengths can vary depending on site and material requirements.

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