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Breakwater Geotubes for Coastal Protection

breakwater geotubeThe geotube is a common tool for the dewatering of sludge, silt, or sediment, the filtration media and large exterior also makes it an excellent choice for breakwater applications along cliffs, coastlines, beachfronts, and shores. These areas are especially prone to erosion and can suffer from shoreline loss after storms, tides, or constant wave exposure.

Installing a geotube in these locations can serve as a first line of defense against incoming waves. This helps protect the shoreline by adding a barrier between the edge of the shore and the water. In addition, the geotextile breakwater tube has a natural ability to retain sand, silt, and other fine particles, helping shorelines retain their natural sand output. With flexible exteriors and sizes to match your location, breakwater geotubes are one of the most economical beach erosion prevention methods.

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Breakwater Geotube Technical Specifications

Product Flyer Geotextile Dewatering Tube Flyer
Installation Flyer Breakwater Geotube Installation Flyer

Breakwater Geotube Size and Estimated Capacity

Property Value Extra Notes
Length 50'
Other Lengths By Special Order
Circumference 15', 22.5', 30', 45'
60', 75', 90'
Filling Port Spacing 1 - 5 ports One Port for Every 50' of Length

Circumference Tube Volume
15' 0.6 yd³/LF
22.5' 1.3 yd³/LF
30' 2.3 yd³/LF
45' 4.1 yd³/LF
60' 6.2 yd³/LF
75' 8.3 yd³/LF
90' 10.1 yd³/LF

Geotube Material Specifications

Fabric Woven Geotextile UV Stable Weight / Unit Area Color
Polypropylene Yes Yes 16.6 (560) Black/Beige

How Breakwater Tubes Work

dewatering geotube emptyBreakwater tubes are made from durable filtering fabrics that work to retain sediment and sand, but still allow water to flow frequently through the geotextile tube.

The unique and stable design of the geotubes for erosion control allows them to be used on coastlines, shore lines, and cliffs for beach erosion prevention. Areas for breakwater geotubes include:

  • Coastlines with Prime Real Estate
  • Hotel Protection
  • Beachfront Property Home Protection

The breakwater tube is also available in an earth-tone beige color that allows it to blend naturally into sand and beach areas. Many people have found the geotubes to be an economical and effective alternative to concrete structures or rock wall shoreline erosion solutions.


Dewatering Tube Applications

geotextile tubesDewatering bags and geotubes are used most often for filtration and other similar dewatering purposes. Pond dredging and the dewatering of construction site runoff are just a few examples. More applications include:

Questions about breakwater tubes for coastal protection? We can help! Call the GEI Works team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.