Geotextile to Separate Roadway Subgrade

Geotextile Material to Separate Aggregates

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geomembrane linersQuestion regarding a geotextile to separate roadway subgrade from base: I need a quote for a geotextile that can be used to separate a roadway subgrade from the base. I do not have a spec yet. Can you recommend any?

Answer: Thank you for your inquiry! GEI Works offers a variety of Woven and Nonwoven Geotextiles. You have some choice when it comes to picking out the perfect geotextile for your specific need. While they all share the same qualities and functions, they vary slightly for performance value. They all are made from 100% polypropylene, which stands up against natural, chemical, or UV degradation.

The Non Woven Geotextile GC130 can be used as paving fabric or asphalt overlay. Its high melting point (300 degrees F) makes this fabric a good choice.

You can also consider the Nonwoven Geotextile GT116. This fabric's major function is separation and can last for years, preventing repair or repaving for an extended time.

Every geotextile, woven or nonwoven, has its own unique properties to become a perfect fit for your project. Feel free to check out our Geotextile Line and technical specifications for weights, strengths, A.O.S., etc.

Geotextile to Separate Roadway Subgrade

woven geotextilesGeotextiles used to separate different aggregates and materials can include anything from a woven to nonwoven fabric material. In general, woven materials (shown right) are commonly used in applications that require high strength and control. Nonwoven, by contrast, can be ideal for stabilization and draining as its pores allow water to filter through the fabric while stabilizing the surrounding areas.

View our Geotextile Fabric Application Page to see more information on what geotextile works best for different applications.

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