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Simple, fast, and low-cost, geotextile sludge tubes are becoming the go-to paper mill dewatering filtration method. Made with quality components you can count on, geotextile dewatering tubes from GEI Works provide budget-friendly pricing and reliable performance.

Questions? Call the GEI Works team and ask about our geotextile sludge tubes at 1-772-646-0597 or request pricing.

Geotextile Tubes for Paper Mill Sludge Dewatering

Geotextile Dewatering TubesGeotextile tubes are a popular and versatile paper mill sludge dewatering method. Unlike other sludge dewatering equipment, geotextile tubes need very little maintenance and require no presses as gravity does all the work. They're quick and easy to install, can be customized to fit specific space requirements, and contain the paper mill's processed sludge neatly for transport or disposal when done.

Paper mills often use geotextile sludge dewatering tubes for:

  • Dewatering sludge dredged from stabilization basins, settling ponds & lagoons
  • Removing contaminants such as heavy metals and TSS from effluent for primary and secondary sludge (and alum sludge) treatment
  • An emergency backup for other pulp mill sludge dewatering equipment types to prevent plant downtime
  • Expanding available capacity when the plant is at risk of exceeding discharge limits
  • Other emergency uses, such as for cleanup of spills (dewatering tubes can be rapidly deployed)
  • If using a coal-fired boiler, dewatering tubes and bags can be used to process fly ash
  • Once filled and dewatered, the dried contents of the sludge dewatering tubes can be reused as a type of biofuel or for other secondary purposes

Low-Cost and Well-Built: Geotextile Tubes for Paper Mill Sludge Dewatering

We can provide sludge dewatering tubes specifically for paper mill process operations. Our dewatering tubes can be customized to suit nearly any specifications and size. Geotextile dewatering tubes will also easily accommodate the use of polymers to speed up liquid removal by expediting the concentration of solids in sludge processing.

Paper Mill Sludge Dewatering Tube Specifications

Property Value Extra Notes
Length 50'
Other Lengths by Special Order
Circumference 15', 22.5', 30', 45'
60', 75', 90'
Filling Port Spacing 1 - 5 ports One Port for Every 50' of Length

Questions? Call the GEI Works team and ask about our sludge dewatering tubes at 1-772-646-0597 or request pricing.

Additional Dewatering & Pulp Paper Mill Compliance Supplies

Pit LinersPit Liners
For lining sludge dewatering tube pits and processing or directing the effluent resulting from sludge processing, we carry bulk rolls of geotextile fabric in a wide selection of fabric weights, styles, and degrees of permittivity (non-porous PVC fabric is also available in bulk).

Dewatering BagsDewatering Bags, Socks, and More
Sludge dewatering solutions are available in many shapes and sizes. For a full listing of our dewatering products, see: Dewatering Solutions.

Turbidity Fencing
Staked Turbidity BarrierUse Staked Turbidity Barrier as an emergency overflow or stormwater event compliance control for dewatering and sludge processing sites. PVC Staked Silt Barriers direct water flow to controlled filtration exit points on the jobsite. Silt (Geotextile Filtration) Fencing is also available.

Turbidity MeterTurbidity Meter
Key to staying in compliance and avoiding regulatory fines, use the Turbidity Meter to test the sludge dewatering tube's effluent. Measure the Total Suspended Solids (TSS) to determine the effectiveness of your dewatering controls.

Questions about paper mill dewatering systems? We can help! Call the GEI Works team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.