Geotextile Tubes for Coastal Protection

Breakwater Tubes Create Shoreline Protection

breakwater tubeLooking for an affordable solution for coastline erosion control? Battling against rising water levels? Preparing your property for the upcoming hurricane storm season? Geotextile Tubes for Erosion Control are the solution for shoreline erosion problems, providing long-lasting results.

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Breakwater Tubes: An Economical Shoreline Protection Method

A popular solution for shoreline erosion problems, use GEI Works' Geotextile Tubes for coastal protection against erosion and storms. Constructed from heavy duty geotextiles, the tubes are designed to hold sediment firmly in place while letting moisture escape through the porous fabric. A choice of fabric colors is available, including earth-toned (see: fabric specifications) to blend with the surrounding environment.

Use the filled geotextile breakwater tubes to reinforce shorelines, stabilize sloping terrain, and reduce the impact of waves or storms on the shorefront property. To make this shoreline protection method even more economical, rather than purchasing and hauling fill, utilize dredged sand from the site to fill the breakwater tubes.

Shoreline Protection Methods for Geotextile Tubes

breakwater tubesGeotextile Tubes are well known as a practical and affordable solution to shoreline erosion problems. There are several different ways to utilize geotubes for erosion control, depending on your property's needs and the surrounding environmental conditions.

Erosion Control
Shoreline erosion problems are solved by using geotubes for erosion control. Place the geotextile tube to help trap sand and soil, and prevent further erosion. UV treated, they can withstand the elements. For greater visual appeal, incorporate them into the landscape as man-made sand dunes.

Slope Stabilization
Geotextile tubes are not only used for erosion control, but also to stabilize banks and provide support for steep slopes. Use them as a barrier or retaining wall for reinforcement, and backfill with local soil and sand. Since they stand up to wave pressure, they're also a good protective measure against storms or the effects of rising water levels.

breakwater tubeBreakwater Walls
Breakwater geotubes (also sometimes called break walls or jetties) help with erosion control by absorbing much of the impact from the waves. By the time the waves get past the breakwater geotubes, their strength is greatly reduced, minimizing the amount of erosion they cause when they hit land.

Vertical Sea Walls
Geotextile tubes provide additional coastal protection when used as sea walls. Stack the filled geotubes for greater efficiency in protecting property from the effects of high waves or tropical storms.

Reef-like Protection Barrier
For a deeper barrier that will also break up the strength of waves coming into shore, place the breakwater geotube to act as an offshore reef. In addition to disbursing the energy from the waves, it will trap sediments and help retain nourished sand for support of the aquatic ecosystem.

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