Geotextile Testing

Facts About Geotextile Testing

Why Are Geotextiles Tested?

geotextile testing, geotextile test, permittivityGeotextile testing takes place to ensure that you receive the best possible product. Meeting the American Society for Testing (ASTM) and Materials' standards, each test have a very specific purpose for both woven and nonwoven materials.

All of our material undergoes mechanical and hydraulic testing as well as testing for its physical properties.

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Mechanical geotextile Testing:

  • Puncture Resistance (ASTM D 4833): Measures the index puncture resistance. Shows the absorption of force when the geotextile absorbs a concentrated load.
  • Grab Tensile (ASTM D 4632): Determines the tensile strength and tensile elongation. Strength and elongation are a good measure of properties under one directional stress.

    Hydraulic Testing:

    When geotextiles are used as filters, they must satisfy two conflicting design criteria: piping and permeability. They must prevent particles from washing through but also allow adequate drainage and relief of hydrostatic pressure.

  • Apparent Size Opening / A.O.S.(ASTM D 4751): A.O.S. indicates the maximum pore size. Determined by dry sieving closely graded glass beads.
  • Water Permeability (ASTM D 4491): Undergoes two (2) procedures-the constant head method and the falling head method. Permittivity can also be derived from the results.
  • Transmissivity / In-Plane Flow(ASTM D 4716): Measures water flow capacity along the plane of the geotextile through constant head test procedure. Dependent on the thickness of the fabric.

    Physical Properties:

  • Fabric Weight (ASTM D 3376): Measures mass per unit area.
  • Fabric Thickness (ASTM D 1777): Measured at specified pressure. Thickness is proportional to the cushioning ability and planar flow capacity of the fabric.
  • Ultraviolet Stability (ASTM D 4355): Measured before and after U.V. exposure. The loss in strength is reported as the percent strength retention of the fabric.
  • Chemical Resistance: There is not a current ASTM test method to evaluate this. Our geotextiles are highly resistant to deterioration in the normal chemical environment found in soils.
  • Biological Resistance: There is not a specific method for testing this property. The inertness of almost all artificial polymers prevents degradation.

    International Testing:

  • DIN West German (FRG) Testing Standards: 54307, 53857/2, 53861, 53847
  • NFG French Testing Standards: 07-112, 07-001, 38-014, 38-015
  • SN Swiss Testing Standards: 640550
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