6 oz Drainage Geotextile

Nonwoven Fabric for Drainage and Separation

geotextile salesThis 6 oz. drainage geotextile fabric is the perfect choice for applications requiring ground stabilization, aggregate separation, and soil reinforcement. As part of our Nonwoven Geotextile variety, these fabrics are constructed with a needle-punched exterior that helps facilitate filtration applications.

This 6 oz. fabric is part of our light weight nonwoven geotextiles line that is perfect for drainage, asphalt overlay and various other filtration requirements. Light weight fabrics are slightly lower in strength, but feature increased permeability levels as high as 125 gpm/sq. ft. This makes them a great option for use in both street and french drains.

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Technical Specifications:

Property Test Method Minimum Average Roll Value (M.A.R.V.)
Weight (typical) ASTM D5261 6 oz/yd² (203 g/m²)
Grab Tensile ASTM D4632 160 lbs (.711 kN)
Grab Elongation ASTM D4632 50 %
Trapezoid Tear Strength ASTM D4533 65 lbs (0.29 kN)
Thickness* ASTM D5199 85 mils (2.16 mm)
CBR Puncture Resistance ASTM D6241 450 lbs (2 kN)
Permittivity* ASTM D4491 1.63 sec -1
Permeability ASTM D4491 0.3 cm/sec
Water Flow* ASTM D4491 125 gpm/ft² (5080 l/min/m²)
A.O.S* ASTM D4751 70 U.S. Sieve (.212 mm)
UV Resistance ASTM D4355 70 %/500 hrs
Nonwoven Geotextiles FAQ

*At the time of manufacturing handling, storage, and shipping may change these geotextile sales properties.

When is an Environmental Nonwoven Geotextile Used?

geotextile salesNonwoven drainage geotextiles are typically used in a variety of different locations to help control erosion, stabilize roads, and reinforce areas prone to high levels of drainage applications.

The nonwoven material is generally known for its ability to help with separation, reinforcement, drainage, filtration, protection and waterproofing applications. Some common locations where these materials have been used include the following:

  • Slope Reinforcement
  • Landfill Lining and Stabilization
  • Earth Retaining Structures
  • Underlayment Fabric
  • Landscaping Materials
  • Pond Underlayment
  • Walkway or Driveway Separation
    (especially in areas such as dirt or gravel roadways)

A majority of our nonwoven fabrics are frequently used for applications involving outdoor storage. Made from a high resistance polypropylene material, these fabrics have been able to hold up against rotting, deterioration, and UV exposure applications.

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