Material to Cover Storage Items

Tarps & Covers

tarpsQuestion: Do you have a material to cover storage material? Can we use geotextile material to cover storage material instead of a tarpaulin? Or would a tarp work better? Do you sell tarps?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! Typically geotextiles are used for stabilization, erosion control, and separation applications, such as the construction of a new road or stabilization along a river bank or stream. When used for this type of application, these materials will feature some type of permeability that would allow for draining of liquids. This would probably not be ideal for use as a storage cover.

However, we do offer several Tarps & Covers that might be ideal for your storage application. These covers are highly reliable and offer protection from outside elements such as rain, debris, snow, and more. These covers have often been used to cover storage materials, trailers, sports fields, trash, and equipment.

When compared to geotextiles, tarps and covers are often more equipped to handle protection of your items. In addition, they are also specifically made to be leak proof which would be ideal for the protection of your stored materials. These could successfully be placed over top of your tanks, products, and other stored equipment to keep materials clear from water.

If you are looking for an alternative to the tarp, we do offer several liners which could work. These liners are made from a wide range of fabrics including PVC, polyethylene, and polypropylene. This type of product might be more equipped to handle your storage area and can be impermeable to prevent liquids from falling onto your stored items. Learn more

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