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Erosion Control Geotextiles to Stop Sediment

silt fenceQuestion: I am looking at geotextile for erosion control. I would like something temporary just to prevent sediment from flowing into the river while I am working, then remove it later. I would like to know how much it costs and how to install it.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! GEI Works specializes in products for erosion control. Depending on your application, different materials may work better than others at controlling erosion in your location. For the particular erosion control application that you have described, the best product would probably be on of our Erosion Control Silt Fences. These products are designed specifically for the containment of soil to a specific location and can be successfully used to prevent sediment from flowing into a river.

Geotextile Silt Fence Construction

geotextile for erosion controlThe silt fence is constructed from an erosion control filter fabric that includes a geotextile material, such as woven geotextile for erosion control. This type of fabric is high in strength, while allowing water to flow though the system as needed.

When using this silt fence, the material can be placed along the river to prevent sediment and silt from flowing into the river and causing pollution. Over time, this sediment will slowly build up along the silt fence where is can be removed as needed.

As with any kind of construction site material, routine inspection is key to determining if this fabric is performing appropriately and can successfully hold your sediment materials. Things you will want to look for during inspection is slight tears, ripping, straining, or excessive build-up of sediment materials. If you see any of these problems, repair or removal of materials should be done immediately to prevent your unit from working incorrectly.

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Nov 15, 2010, Skip Rag
Reference: Another Option for High Volumes

If your volume of water is large, you might think about using a "Brush Dam." A brush dam is used when trying to handle large volumes of water and sediment. Basically, it is a barrier built out of trees and brush from the site with a geotextile fabric installed on the upstream side. The maximum height is six-feet. Brush barriers are piles of leftover unusable trees and vegetation debris that is carefully piled and packed down to act as a temporary filter barrier to slow runoff and capture sediment. Use additional BMP tools such as silt fences, vegetated filter strips, or other methods to improve trapping effectiveness where brush barriers fail to capture enough sediment because of their loose configuration. Avoid removing the brush barrier once it is established.

Your first goal should be to prevent or halt accelerated erosion once you have controlled the runoff. When those efforts are not adequate, capturing the sediment before it reaches a stream is the last option you have:
-- Stop or prevent sediment transport at its source.
-- If that doesn't work, keep the sediment on site.
-- Above all else, keep the sediment out of the streams and water bodies.

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