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Geotextile Fabric for Dirt Roads

Woven Geotextile Fabric for Road Construction

geotextile fabric for dirt roadsUsing geotextile fabric for dirt roads, such as haul roads or rural lanes, makes the roads safer and longer lasting. After heavy rains and other weather events, the roads can turn to mud and eventually erode away to rut-filled paths. A geotextile underlayment allows for water filtration and mud control while stabilizing the lane for trucks. Whether putting another layer of dirt or some gravel over the geotextile, the fabric keeps the aggregate layers separate and stabilized.

While we can provide many geotextile types, woven geotextile fabric is the standard choice for road stabilization and aggregate separation. As one of the strongest filter fabrics for drainage available, it offers increased tensile strength, puncture resistance, and high degradation resistance. These features make it an excellent geotextile fabric for dirt roads and haul road construction.

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Woven Geotextile Fabric in Road Construction

laying geotextile fabricOur geotextile road fabric for sale works primarily as a separation agent on unpaved dirt and gravel roads. However, it also allows for filtration, drainage, and soil reinforcement. We can provide multiple woven geotextile types depending on the location, water flow, and soil composition of the road construction area.

Geotextiles are often used as a separator or base stabilizer before asphalt, gravel, or additional dirt is laid. Woven geotextile fabric is permeable, strong, and reduces aggregate. A geotextile underlayment allows water to flow through gravel or a thin layer of dirt to the soil underneath, and it prevents rutting and erosion. Mud control is easier using a geotextile filter fabric for drainage, since there is less dirt and soil to become liquefied.

Additional Erosion Control Products

coir matGEI Works offers a variety of other products for continued stabilization and erosion control around dirt and gravel roads. Natural coir mats can act as filter fabric for drainage on nearby slopes and hills. Wattles and logs can slow and filter runoff water, keeping flows near the road from overwhelming any mud control in process. Silt fencing can keep additional sediment from reaching and building up on the road and causing any unevenness in the top layer.

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