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Geomembrane Liner for Rail Car Spills

Geotextiles as Emergency Collector for Rail Car Spills

(Seneca, Illinois)

Question regarding a geomembrane liner for rail car spills. Hi, I am looking for a geomembrane liner that can be used as an emergency collector in case of rail car spill of either methanol or biodiesel (methylester). What is the recommended material - PVC? Also, can I get a one piece membrane - 120'X 40"

geomembrane linersGEI Works' Geomembrane Liners are impermeable membranes used widely as cut-offs and liners. Until recent years, liners were used mostly as pond liners; however, one of the largest current applications is to the containment of hazardous or municipal wastes and their leachates.

The best liner for your particular application is the XR-5, style 8130. This product is a 30 oz/square yard commercial grade liner that supports the carrying of hazardous liquids like bio diesel, aviation fuel, and other chemicals. It comes with a 10 year prorated warranty.

These are available on various roll sizes and can be custom fabricated to fit in your rail car. Depending on the demands of your area, fabrics may be made in either a 30 mil or 40 mil size. Different thicknesses are also available, please ask!

Additional Liner Options

Other types of geomembrane liner for rail car spills can include different fabrics for the storage biodiesel. These have included a geomembrane fabric known as HR. This fabric is a tripolymer alloy that has been used successfully for fuel, oil and other hydrocarbons.

Another common type of fabric we use for geomembrane liners is the HDPE material. This material is a high density polyethylene fabric for high resistance to several different materials.

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