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Disclaimer on Geotubes

geo-tubes *** Geotubes Disclaimer: Our geotubes (geotextile tubes abbreviated) with a shortcut in NO WAY are related to or associated with "GEOTUBE" trademark owned by Nicolon Corp (Royal Ten Cate (USA), Inc.). The use of and references to geotubes are solely based on the ease for customer to type and find our geotextile tubes in marketing materials.

Bradley is believed to be the first manufacturer of geotubes in the United States, when in cooperation with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Mobile District and The Experimental Waterway Station Vicksburg, Mississippi - geotubes were manufactured in Valparaiso, Florida and installed at Noriega Point Destin Harbor, Florida in December of 1991.

Bradley continued to work with the USACE in geotube development under the CPAR Program until its phase out in the late 1990s. geotube is a generic term made up of the Greek word “Geo” meaning earth and "tube" or "tubo." The dictionary describes geo as a compound word used in the formulation of compound generic words.

Geosynthetics is the broad category or genus to which geotubes (as well as many other things of other sorts) belong. The term geotube as all terms within that category can be specified by the distinct features (the differentia) that set each apart from the other.

According to popular use, a geotube is a synthetic geotextile used for many applications including but not limited to: containment, dewatering, erosion control, sludge containment, filtration, and barrier creation.

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