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Spill Skimmers for Crude Oil

GEI Skimmers to Skim and Separate Muddy Crude Oil from Coastal Water

A spill skimmers for crude oil was needing during the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexicooil spill skimmers to help with the cleanup methods. As the oil continued to gush out, response personnel were working to both contain and cleanup the material. One of the main issues was how to skim and separate muddy crude oil from the coastal waters.


Due the proximity to the spill, GEI Works was a major force in supplying companies with the equipment they needed fast and efficiently.

In addition to supplying thousands of feet of oil spill boom for oil containment, GEI Works also worked to address cleanup issues. One of these methods was through the use of a GEI oil spill skimmer. These floating GEI Works oil spill skimmers for crude oil were perfect to skim and separate muddy oil from coastal waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

Spill Skimmers for Crude Oil Options

Compared to traditional oil skimmers that simply skim and collect sea water and crude, these oil spill skimmersGEI Works also supplies skimmers to separate the crude oil from water. This makes the items more effective and efficient by saving time, manpower and costs. No need to interrupt maritime and crude oil cleaning operations. Skimmer options available include:

  • Rotating Drums Skimmers
  • Disc Skimmers
  • Weir Skimmers

Due the large area and urgent need to separate the water from the oil, models like the drum skimmer and disc skimmer were a favorite for these operations. As the units rotate on the surface of the water, oil will collect on the discs or around the drums. This keeps them in operation for significantly longer before needing to be cleaned out.

In addition to skimmers, we have offer turnkey kits available that can be mounted on small and large boats or ships. These kits will remove crude oil from the ocean water surface effectively but also work in sensitive and shallow coastal areas and from onshore locations.

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