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Portable Fuel Caddies

Portable gas caddies are an easy way to move fuel around your location. These reliable fuel units are designed in several different designs to meet different fuel pumping, transportation and capacities. All units come with a handle and wheels for easy movement in your area. Made in the USA

Diesel Portable Fuel Tanks

Diesel Caddy

Gas Caddy

Fuel Caddy

Portable Gas Tanks

Gas Kart

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Learn more about these Caddies

gas caddyFuel Caddy: This 28 gallon Fuel Caddy offers the largest fuel storage capacity and is equipped to connect to pumps, hoses, and other equipment. These caddies come with pneumatic wheels and has been built to meet all US Coast Guard standard, DOT specifications, and UN specifications.

diesel gas caddyDiesel Caddy: If you require storage of diesel fuel, the 28 gallon Diesel Caddy as portable fuel tanks are the perfect choice. Built exactly like the gas caddy, these units meet UN and DOT specifications (when fuel transportation directions are followed).

portable gas caddyGas Kart: The 15 gallon Gas Kart is a small unit designed for easy gas storage. Their reliable structure has often been used to supply fuel to lawn mowers, tractors, generators and more.

Poly Tank Variety

In addition to these tanks, we also offer several other poly tanks including those for transportation, storage, and fuel. Please click on the link below to find your poly tank.

  • Water Tanks: The plastic water tank variety includes a number of vertical, underground, and septic water tanks for the storage of drinking water, rainwater, and even waste water.
  • Storage Tanks: Plastic storage tanks are designed for all chemical storage needs and have open top, cone bottom, and mixing tanks available.
  • Mobile Tanks: The mobile plastic tank variety includes units such as the horizontal leg tanks, pickup truck tanks, elliptical tanks, and a de-icer trailer.
  • Emergency Supplies List: Are you prepared?

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or submit a form.