Collapsible Tank Fuel Farm

Collapsible Fuel Tank for
Agricultural & Industrial Applications

flexible fuel tank

Collapsible tanks are a cost effective way to store bulk liquids in a fuel farm or large storageareasetting.Transported rolled up and easy to deploy, these flexible tanks are an ideal choice fortemporary fuel storage during mining operations, pipeline repair military operations and more.

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Fuel Farm Technical Specifications

210,000 US gallons
(800,000 L)

Dimensions (filled)
75' x 73' x 6' high
Weight (empty)
5300 pounds
Polyurethane reinforced
with Nylon
Wooden Export Crate
192" x 72" x 58" high
Four 6" camlock ports
for fill/discharge
Two 2" flange for drain
One 2" passive vent
with flame arrestor
Four 6" x 12' fill/
discharge hose
Four 6" valves
Two 2" x 10' drain
One 2" ball valve
One repair kit
One set spares
*Table shows typical specifications. Additional Sizes are Available!
(MSDS may be required for complete compatibility)

Sizes for these tanks range anywhere from 130 to 250,000 gallons. To see sizing and specifications on each size of these tanks, check out our
Collapsible Tanks Specifications Page.

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Learn more about Collapsible Tanks for Fuel Farms

The collapsible bulk liquid storage tanks offer several advantages of more rigid liquid storage tanks. Some of these benefits include:

  • fuel farm temporary storage tankLarge Capacity: These tanks can be made in sizes up to 210,000 gallons. This gives you large capacity storage at a much lower cost.
  • Fast Deployment and Setup: Flexible tanks can be shipped rolled up so you can receive a larger quantity at one time and start your project sooner. Their fast deployment has also made them perfect for emergency situations.
  • Wide Climate Range: These temporary fuel storage tanks are made to withstand a wide range of climates.
  • High or Low Profile Available: Depending on your applications, these tanks can be made with a high or low profile to help meet your needs.

These tanks can then be placed in a fuel farm layout as seen in the sample design below. This drawing shows ten 210,000 gallon collapsible tanks placed in a dike area. These collapsible fuel tanks are placed surrounding a fuel line which is connected to each of these tanks.

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tank farm drawing Typical Industrial Tank Applications:
  • Mineral Mining Fields
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Rural Construction Sites
  • Temporary Infrastructure
  • Relief Efforts
  • Large Military Operation

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