Frame Decontamination Tank

Portable Decon Tanks

frame decontamination tanksFrame decontamination tanks are portable folding tanks designed to control and contain spills in your location. Tanks are built with rigid, folding frames that can successfull contain contaminated materials during a cleanup or spill response effort.

The folding frame tank is designed to quickly unfold and setup in your storage location. Folding frame designs work to provide compact storage when not in use and quick setup during emergency operations.

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Secondary Containment Frame Tank Technical Specifications

Tank Type Length (ft) Width (ft) Height (ft)
Aluminum 3 3 1
Steel 3 3 1
Aluminum 4 4 1
Steel 4 4 1
Aluminum 4 8 1
Steel 4 8 1

Frame Decon Tank Features

The features of the frame decontamination tank include several components that allow the tank to be successfully used as a decontamination area for personnell and equipment. Components for these tanks include:

  • Frames: Steel or Aluminum Frame Options
  • Liners: PVC Liner Standard, Additional Options Available
  • Optional Drain Fittings & Carry Bag
  • Folding Frame Exteriors

Frame Tank Benefits

The frame tank offers many benefits to its use including self-supporting sides, high-resistance liners, and many different fitting options. Benefits to using this style tank for your decontamination requirements includes the following:

  • Compact, Folding Frame Storage
  • Portable for Quick Deployment
  • Rigid Outer Frames
  • Options for Fittings and Drains
  • Quick Setup in your Location
  • High Capacity for use Under Valves and Leaking Parts
  • Perfect as Part of a Decon Shower Setup

For more information on decon options, check out our Frame Decontamination Tank and Pools.

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Frame Decon Applications

The design of the folding frame tank has allowed it to be successfully used in several different storage and containment applications. Some of the most common uses for this tank will include decontamination efforts after a oil spill, chemical spill or site cleanup. Common applications include the following:

  • Oil Spill Decon Efforts
  • Decontamination Events
  • Decon Showers and Wash Down Stations
  • Chemical Spill Cleanup
  • Hazmat Response

In addition to these small folding frame tanks, we also offer several large capacity frame tanks for fire fighting efforts, large decon requirements or bulk water storage.

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