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frac tank for militaryQuestion regarding a frac tank for military use: I need some information and a price on a frac tank for Army tactical fuel points. The tanks must be capable of storing military grade fuel and must operate in temperatures range of -20 C to 50 C. Is this something you can help with?

Answer: Hello! This is something that we can help you with. Let me tell you a little bit about our frac tanks. Portable Frac Storage Tanks for industrial pumping, commercial, and oil field fracking operations. These collapsible, flexible portable pillow tanks are faster to setup than a series of vertical steel tanks and are more economical to operate even in demanding climates!

Sizes range from 5,000 gal. (20,000 L) to 500,000 gal. (2 million L). When used for the storage of fuel, collapsible tanks have been built to military specs for diesel fuel, Jet A fuel, and many other fuel types.

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Cold Temperature Uses for a Frac Tank for Military Use

One of the largest benefits to using a collapsible fracking tank over a similar steel storage unit is its ability to not only retain heat, but also be used in a wide range of cold temperatures. These collapsible tanks have a frac tanks50% better heat retention than steel and it can operate efficiently in -58 degrees fahrenheit to +180 degrees fahrenheit. This has allowed it to be used in cold locations with little hassle.

Additional benefits customers have found when using this type of storage unit have included the following:

  • Saving on Trucking and Transportation Costs
  • Minimized Footprint
  • Maximizes Available Capacity
  • Many Fitting Options
  • Easy to Deploy on Site
  • Large Capacities (up to 5000 BBL in a single tank!)

You can save on trucking costs and is easily deployed. Our frac tank for military application is designed to suit the project lease to minimize footprint and maximize the available capacity. We have a wide variety of optional frac tank accessories to assist in your applications.

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