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Port-a-Bag Flood Barrier Protection Wall USA made

flood barrier

GEI Works’ Port-a-Bag flood barrier is an innovative and cost effective solution for flood control and protection. Use Port-a-Bags during disasters like flash floods, hurricanes, water surges and mudslides as a superior large scale alternative to sandbags and other flood protection products. Port-a-Bags are self-erecting, with no complicated installation process- simply unfold and fill!

GEI Works Port-a-Bag is quickly becoming an industry favorite for flood mitigation as an alternative to sandbags and other traditional flood walls. Install these water diverters around your property, along a riverbank, on a slope, or on any other vulnerable or potential flood risk areas. Additonally, Port-a-Bags can be installed more quickly and efficiently than other common flood barriers like sandbags. One 100 foot long section of this flood wall is equivalent to 8,000 sandbags!

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Be Prepared With Port-a-Bag Flood Barrier

filling flood barrier

These flood barriers are often used as a water diverter or as a flood protection barrier wall, and requires less manpower than sandbags. Typical floodwalls are 2 or 4 ft tall, and can be stacked to reach your desired height. A quick erect flood protection system is vital during for emergency prepardeness, and Pord-a-Bag walls can be installed with only 3 people and typical skid loader equipment. This flood barrier folds compact for shipping and storage, and is easy to unfold for installaion. This reduced manpower and significant cost savings makes the Port-a-Bag flood defense wall the ideal sand bag alternative for flood

poly sandbag

As an alternative, temporary form of protection, sandbags can be used along banks, homes or businesses. They made using either a high UV poly or burlap material. These strong materials work to keep sand contained, while simultaneously controlling or limiting the flow of water.

Sustainable Safety & Protection – Artificial Levees & Check Dams

Port-a-Bag flood protection system walls can also be used as a temporary artificial levee to protect land from flash floods and rising water levels. Levees prevent rivers and other water bodies from flooding cities and protected areas during a storm surge, flash flood or emergency situation. The Port-a-Bag can also be installed as a check dam system to reduce water momentum and force along a slope. This flood protection barrier can additionally be used for mud slide protection and redirection.

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Unfold and Fill: Deployment & Installation

flood wall installation

The Port-a-Bag is a self erect flood defence product. This means there is no difficult insallatin process, simply extend the accordion folded flood wall, and fill with sand, gravel, crushed stone, or other equivalent material. This water barrier wall can also be stacked for increased protection from floods and more extreme water demands. For a more permanent flood protection barrier, cement can be used to fill the Port-a-Bag.

Dependable & Sustainable Protection From The Unpredictable

Using an Port-a-Bag sandbag alternative as part of your flood protection plan is crucial when disaster strikes. Although you can’t predict disasters, you can be prepared with effective flood protection systems. Need other emergency supplies? Check out our Emergency Supplies Preparation page.

Other Port-a-Bag Applications: Containment & Shoreline Bulkheads

Port-a-Bag is not only an innovative flood barrier, but also a cost effective containment solution. temporary liquid storage Suitable for a diverse range of applications, Port-a-Bag can retain integrity for years of flood protection, water diversion, or water containment applications. Fill a Port-a-Bag with cement for bulkheads around water areas for dependable protection from the unpredictable forces of nature.