Floating Turbidity Barrier for Bridge Work

Secondary Containment Floating Barrier for Bridge Work

By Austin
Los Angeles, California

secondary containment for bridge workTestimonial: Floating Turbidity Barrier for Bridge Work. We are doing some repair and maintenance work on a bridge and Granite Environmental ,a Division of GEI Works - proposed a floating turbidity curtain with a twist.

We had to control/contain the concrete and grout in the water, but instead of using a silt barrier they designed a floating system that would not get affected by the 6 knot current!

This will save me a lot of money and time and be better than what is required. This floating containment mat or whatever you want to call it is really neat!

floating turbidity barrierSee the bridge system we recommended for Austin on the link below!

Rather than using the traditional turbidity barrier design that includes a top floatation device, bottom skirt and a ballast chain, this floating turbidity barrier for bridge work is designed to fit completely around the pylon. This will create a solid area of containment around all sides of the pylon. This containment area can be as large as necessary creating an ample surface area for catching falling debris, tools, moss and other bacteria being removed from dock posts located above.

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