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Floating Silt Containment Curtains To Fix Up Boat Launch

floating silt curtainQuestion regarding floating silt curtains for a boat launch: I work for the City Of Fort Saint John, BC. I am doing some work to fix up a boat launch on the windward edge of a lake at one of our sites and in need of floating curtains for turbidity and silt containment. I am looking at approximately 100 feet in length X 5 foot depth. (Vancouver, Canada)

Answer: I would be happy to assist you with this. GEI Works carries all three types of Floating Turbidity Curtains. Choosing the right barrier for your location depends on your water conditions and the amount of sediment you are trying contain.

Choosing a Silt or Turbidity Curtain Type

The first thing we need to decide is which type will be best for your application.

This decision is based on site conditions, water velocity, waves (height, frequency, etc), wind speed and direction, tides, soil type (is it contaminated?), project duration, and site specific requirements and project specifications.

As a general overview, silt curtains increase in strength and capabilities as the types increase. The Type 1 Silt barrier is used in calm water conditions where there is no flow, while the Type 3 Silt Barrier is used in the roughest areas, such as locations with a fast current or high waves.

Your boat launch in located at the windward edge of a lake, so initially we would recommend a Type II Silt Barrier. It is specifically designed for in-water control of silt and turbidity around dredging activities, pile driving rip rap installation, demolition work, etc. The rugged yet economical floating silt curtains designs make them a contractor's project favorite for moving water < 1.5 knots and 36” wave swells.

Standard barrier sizes are 100' and 50' Long Sections x 5' Wide. Depths range from 3 feet all the way to 100 feet. Custom design and sizing is available and often required for various projects.

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