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Floating Debris Boom for Home Property

Debris Boom to Protect a Small Lake Front Home Property

floating debris boomQuestion: Regarding your floating debris boom, I have a lakefront home and would like to have a small area protected from floating debris and algae to create a nice swimming area. Your floating debris boom looked good but I also thought of the silt curtain. Not sure which is best for our needs and what the cost is for either. I would probably need something about 50 feet wide.

Answer: Thank you for asking. Because the depth that you have specified is fairly shallow (3 feet to 12 feet) the Floating Debris Boom might be the best option for your location. Standard models for the floating debris boom (shown in the link above) are available with fairly shorter skirts that allow for quick containment of materials such as debris.

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Floating Debris Boom Options

debris boomsThe Debris Boom is available in several different options to help meet the needs and requirements of your area. Depending on your water conditions, these booms may contain tension cables, bottom chains, and more to effectively control debris in your area. Options have included:

  • Lengths: 25', 50' or 100'
  • Depths: 6", 12", 18"
  • Colors: Standard-Yellow, Options-Green, Blue or Black

Due to their economical construction and wide range of options, the floating boom has often been a favorite for aquatic plant control, debris, trash, and other small materials. For more information, please visit the Debris Boom Page.

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