Floating Booms for Pond

Which barrier should be used to help settle particles in a pond?

Floating BarrierQuestion: regarding a Floating Booms for Pond. I have an application that will need some sort of boom. The client has a pond that has an outlet structure in a pond that is used to settle out particles from their manufacturing process, and the very lightweight items float.

We'd like to have a floating boom to keep sediment from getting into the outflow, affecting their water quality measurements. We have three ponds total with three total risers. These ponds are dredged out every 4-6 months and we need to be able to minimize turbidity in the outflow during those events especially.

Answer: Hi, Thank you for the inquiry! In this situation, we actually recommend using Floating Silt Curtians. Booms are containment products designed to control and contain debris and small particles that float on the surface. Depending on the water conditions in your location and the type of materials you need to contain, different booms may be better equipped than others at handling your material; however, it sounds like for this particular application, floating turbidity curtains might be a better option.

Silt Curtains

Since you are looking to primarily contain floating silt and particles, we recommend our Triton Floating Silt Curtain for your location. Rather than the boom short containment skirt, these barriers feature a skirt that extends down to about 1 foot from the floor of your location. This design helps to contain materials and allow particles appropriate time to settle in your location.

Typical construction of these floating barriers for pond includes the following:

  • Top Flotation Devicefloating silt curtains
  • Impermeable PVC Fabric
  • Bottom Skirt: 3' to 100'
  • Lengths: 50' or 100'
  • Bottom Ballast Chain
  • Tension Cables (Depending on the Water Conditions)
  • For more information on options for silt curtains and floating booms for pond, please check out our Floating Booms and Barriers Page.

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