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Flammable Safety Cabinets

A Safe, Secure Choice for Flammable Liquid Storage

flammable liquid storage cabinetFlammable safety storage cabinets are one of many liquid storage solutions offered by GEI Works. Designed specifically to comply with the strict standards set by FM, OSHA, NFPA 30, and UFC 79, flammable safety storage cabinets use double wall steel construction to provide a structurally secure location for hazardous materials often used in warehouses and facilities in any industry. With 2" deep leak-proof sumps, 3-point locking systems, and recessed lockable paddle latches, these cabinets are built to protect. The 60- and 90-gallon cabinets are equipped with additional support in the form of 16-gauge reinforcements, to accommodate a larger volume of flammable liquids storage.

Standard flammable safety cabinets feature a powder-coated yellow finish to designate the nature of what's inside.

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Chemical Storage Cabinets Specs

Capactiy Depth Width Height Weight
12 Gallon Self-Close 23" 18" 36 3/8" 154.9 lbs
12 Gallon Manual Close 23" 18" 35" 144.8 lbs
30 Gallon Self-Close 43" 18" 45 3/8" 280.2 lbs
30 Gallon Manual Close 43" 18" 44" 261.3 lbs
45 Gallon Self-Close 43" 18" 66 3/8" 391.7 lbs
45 Gallon Manual Close 43" 18" 65" 371.6 lbs
60 Gallon Self-Close 34" 18" 66 3/8" 477.2 lbs
60 Gallon Manual Close 34" 34" 65" 450.1 lbs
90 Gallon Self-Close 43" 34" 66 3/8" 548.5 lbs
90 Gallon Manual Close 43" 34" 65" 516.8 lbs

Manual Close Cabinets:

manual closing flammable liquid storage cabinet

Flammable chemical storage cabinets equipped with manual close doors allow the user to open and close the doors freely, as needed.

Self Close Cabinets:

Self closing flammable safety cabinets allow for manual closing, but also allows for the door to close by itself when under extreme conditions. If the safety storage cabinet were to reach 165 ° during a fire, it would index, shut, and latch the doors to protect what's inside.

Flammable Storage Cabinet Features:

• Sturdy all welded double wall steel construction
• 2" wide louvers support shelves, adjustable on 4" centers
• 2" deep leak proof sump
• For 60- and 90-gallon flammable liquid storage cabinets: additional internal 16-gauge reinforcements
• Improved security: recessed lockable paddle latch, 3 point locking system
• 2" bunged air vents with flame arrestors on each side of the cabinet allows for ventilation
• Safety yellow powder coat finish

Flammable Safety Cabinet Accessories:

keep a Kraken spill kit on hand for emergencies • Shelving – our cabinets come standard with either 1 (12, 30 gallons) or 2 (45, 60, 90 gallons) adjustable shelves, but additional shelving is available.
• Poly tray liners
Absorbents - pads, booms, socks, pillows, rolls, and spill kits designed to effectively clean up after any oils and hazmat material

There is a storage cabinet to suit every need, from pesticides to paints and inks, available from GEI Works.

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Optional Colors Available:

Request price quote, cabinet colors - Yellow, White, Green, Blue and Red

  • Gray for Hazardous Materials (Code GP)
  • Putty for Laboratories (Code PP)
  • Red for Paint and Ink (Code RP)

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