Fire Protection Tank for NFPA Requirements

10,000 gallon Fire Protection

Question regarding a fire protection tank for NFPA requirements. I need information on a 10,000 gallon fire protection tank. It has to meet the NFPA 22 requirement. As long as it meets that requirement, the tank can be vertical or horizontal, looking at the most cost-effective way to handle the requirement.

Answer: fire protection tankThank you for contacting GEI Works. I'd be happy to tell you about our fire protection storage tank. It is, in fact, constructed and installed according to "Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection" National Fire Protection Association NFPA standard No. 22.

With that requirement out of the way, we can look at tank sizes and capacity:

  • Volume: 185 - 30,000 gallons
  • Diameter: 3'2" - 13'0" (.96 - 3.96 meters)
  • Length: 3'4" - 60'6" (1 - 18.44 meters)
  • Orientation: Vertical or Horizontal

The unit above is one of our steel horizontal fire protection tanks. If you do have a specific spacing requirement or preference on the tank size and construction, please let us know. These steel tanks are extremely versatile and have been used for water storage of above ground, underground, horizontal, vertical, and other tank styles. Use our tank selection guide for help selecting the best storage tank for you.

As mentioned above, these tanks can be created to meet NFPA requirements. The standard shown above (NFPA No. 22) is the standard for water tanks being used for private fire protection. Additional information regarding this standard can be found on the NFPA Website. Learn more about above ground water storage tanks.

We would recommend you get in contact with a member of our tech team to discuss your specifications. They can help you find the most cost effective fire protection tank for NFPA requirements. Our team can be contacted through one of the following methods:

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