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Turbidity Barrier Custom Size

custom silt curtainAn existing silt curtain stopped floating up and down with reservoir elevation: During the summer, our existing custom silt curtain stopped floating up and down with reservoir elevation. Investigation with an underwater camera revealed that “fluid mud” had accumulated on top of the curtain, restricting it, pinning the underside and keeping it from floating up with the reservoir elevation. Since having the silt curtain in place was a condition of our permit, we needed to correct the problem as soon as possible.

By Superintendent, McMillan Water Treatment Plant(Washington Aqueduct Division) Solution

Until we got the area dredged and replaced the existing silt curtain, we decided to get temporary GEI Works Turbidity Curtain Type 2 (700 FT long 5 FT deep) to block any sediment that may pass on top of the partially submerged existing curtain.

The experts at the GEI Works went beyond expectation with their technical help and recommendations. Although we did not purchase installation service, GEI Works, again, was there on the phone helping our maintenance personnel as they install and drop anchors for the curtain. We are very pleased with their product and service.

The Type 2 Custom Silt Curtain is a item typically used in medium-duty conditions to control and contain silt to a specific area. These curtains can be made in either a DOT or heavy-duty model, depending on your site conditions. Type 2 curtains will typically include the use of a top floatation device, bottom skirt, tension cable, bottom chain, and section connectors.

Custom silt curtains can be made to accommodate site specific requirements. Especially when dealing with certain flow levels, having the right curtain length can be very important to implementing the best control system for your location. Learn more about the Triton Silt Curtains!

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