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The EUGRIS Portal has nearly 3,000 resources. Resources are links to

* documents (reports, journal articles guidance, books etc)
* glossaries
* information web sites
* software
* hardware

The resources are a large part of the EUGRIS library and you can search them by origin and topic at:

You can search them for specific text at:

For example you could look for all resources that relate to radio-nuclide contamination by searching for radio*. Note the use of the wild card.

So the text search can help you drill down to information that may not (yet) have a specific EUGRIS topic, or things by a particular author etc. All of the resource postings on EUGRIS Portal can be associated with projects, organizations and authors. If you find a resource that interests you, you can follow the link back to the projects, organizations and authors etc to see if they have anything else you might like.

This functionality is very useful, and we have more developments in EUGRIS which will make them yet more powerful in the future. Following are links to some of our new additions and additions recently made.

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Nov 16, 2007
Great Pollution Resource
by: Anonymous

We have been looking for an online resource community where we can access all aspects for our projects and review past projects, read news and get insight into new techniques and technologies!

This is it. Thank you for making this resource available and will be sure to use this in the future.

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