Erosion Control Mats for Vegetation

Choosing Coir Blankets for Stabilization and Plant Growth

erosion control mats for vegetationQuestion: Hi, I am looking at the erosion control mats for vegetation and I am wondering how to choose which one will be best. I need something that will allow sod and plants to take root through the mat, but I also need the mat to last for awhile. I am trying to provide some erosion control on the slope of my pond. How would coir work if it biodegrades?

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Answer: Anytime you are looking for a way to control erosion, there are couple of different options to consider.

Coir is typically considered the most environmentally safe option because it is made of a natural product and will act naturally in an environment. In addition, coir is economical, will naturally biodegrade, and typically includes an open weave design that would allow plants to take root and grow through.

The goal of any coir mat is to provide stabilization and support long enough for vegetation to take root and grow naturally. Plant life and vegetation is often considered the most natural and effective erosion control method, which is why you would want to establish it along your shores. When plants are placed along shores, their roots will begin to extend into the ground, increasing shore support for as long as they are present.

Coir Erosion Control Mat

coir erosion control mat 70When choosing coir mat material, there are several different factors you could take into consideration.

Life Span: If you are specifically concerned about the life span of your erosion control mat, you will want to look into mats that are made purely of a coir material. These mats typically feature twine coir that provides a lifespan of 2 to 5 years. Other options for erosion control include straw or wood blends, but these have a much shorter life span of around 6 to 9 months.

Slope: In addition to the lifespan, you will also want to look into the slope of your area. Steeper slopes often require fabrics with increased strength to handle the pressure of the area.

Open Weave: Coir erosion control mats for vegetation can also feature various openings. Typically higher strength mats (Coir 70 or Coir 90) will have smaller openings while slopes for even areas will have larger openings. These weaves are the easiest way for vegetation to be planted within the mat so that they remain supported while still growing in the natural soil surrounding your area.

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