Erosion Control Material

Straw Erosion Control Products

Straw Erosion Control Material is the perfect option for locations where temporary or short term stabilization is a requirement. Often constructed from 100% natural wheat straw, these materials have been used to stabilize bank shores, low level hills, streams, and restoration areas. Available options include both single and double net blankets with either a biodegradable, photodegradable or rapid degrade netting. Straw wattles are also available for filtration and other reinforcement requirements.

Learn more About Straw Fibers

When compared to other erosion control materials, straw fibers are one of the best options for areas with low slopes, low flows, or temporary control requirements. Made from biodegradable wheat straw, these blankets can be easily installed on your slope or bank to stabilize the area and control erosion. Straw blankets are commonly used in low flow channels and areas where vegetation can take root quickly.

Straw Blankets

erosion control materialsOne of the most popular straw options is a item known as the straw mat or straw blanket. These blankets feature biodegradable wheat straw secured between netting, providing a robust and reliable system of control. Standard netting options include the following:

Single Net:

  • Photodegradable Netting
  • Synthetic Netting
  • Natural/Biodegradable Netting

Double Net:

  • Photodegradable Netting
  • Synthetic Netting
  • Natural/Biodegradable Netting

Depending on your location, different netting may be better equipped than others at controlling and stabilizing growth in your area. In general, single net blankets are typically used on 4:1 to 3:1 slopes and low flow areas. Double net blankets provide an extra layer of strength, and can be used on areas with slopes up to 2:1.

Synthetic Netting vs. Biodegradable Netting

The main different between synthetic and biodegradable netting is in terms of their material and ability to degrade. Synthetic netting features a photodegradable polypropylene that will degrade through exposure to light. By contrast, biodegradable netting will be made from a jute netting to naturally biodegrade with the blanket.

Additional Natural Fiber Products

coir mattingIn addition to straw, we also offer natural/biodegradable coir and wood fiber blankets. These can provide added strength and stability during control in your location. For more information on these products, please check out our Coir Page for erosion control material.

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