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Erosion Control Netting

Temporary Netting for Erosion Control

straw erosion control nettingStraw erosion control netting blankets are the perfect option for any location dealing with low flows, slight slopes or temporary erosion control requirements. Often implemented in projects involving landscaping, bank restoration or erosion control, these blankets provide the ideal blend of strength and soil stabilization.

Standard Roll Features:

  • Single or Double Net Options
  • Photodegradable or Biodegradable Netting
  • 100% Agricultural Wheat Straw
  • 100 sq. yd. Roll Sizes

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Standard Specifications

Product Material Netting
Single Net
100% Straw Photodegradable
Single Net 100% Straw Biodegradable
Double Net
100% Straw Photodegradable
Double Net 100% Straw Biodegradable

Erosion Control Anchoring and Accessories

Erosion Control Accessories are an often required component for any site using blankets, matting, or logs. metal stapleAsk about our erosion control options to help secure your site.

  • Metal Staples
  • Biodegradable Pegs
  • Stakes

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Straw Erosion Blanket Design

erosion control materialsChoosing the right straw erosion blanket is often dependent on the location where it will be used and the amount of water flow in the area. In general, double nets blankets will typically offer more strength for steeper locations or areas with an increased flow. The following chart can be used as a guideline to determining the best option for your location.

Uses and Applications

Product Where to Use Flows
Single Net 4:1 to 3:1 Slopes Low Flow Channels
Double Net 3:1 to 2:1 Slopes Medium Flow Channels

In addition to single and double net options, these straw erosion control netting blankets will also feature either a standard or rapid degrade netting.

Additional Natural Fiber Products

coir erosion logTo naturally control erosion in your location, GEI Works also offers several additional products including:

For these and other erosion control options, view other options for Soil Erosion Control.

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