Environmental Monitoring Technology

Guardian Data Acquisition System

environmental monitoring technology, air pollution monitoring, environmental monitoringLooking for Environmental Monitoring Technology? The Guardian Data Acquisition System is your solution! This state-of-the-art SCADA-based system simplifies and standardizes access to and control of the information and data being monitored. It is completely independent of your equipment monitoring system, which provides independent environmental assurance.

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What is SCADA?

environmental monitoring technology, air pollution monitoring, environmental monitoring SCADA stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. This is software that monitors on the "supervisory level" rather than full control as it oversees the hardware system to which it is interfaced (i.e. Programmable Logic Controllers/PLCs).

It is installed in a specially adapted Windows-based PC, Guardian communicates with the PLCs via a reliable and high speed local area network. The data is then stored on a local hard disk.

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Product Features

  • Continuous Operation: 24-hour watch over the conditions of any process and automatically stores data
  • User Friendly: Graphical User Interface with animated graphics that mimic the plant operation
  • Relevant Information in Real Time: Updated in Real Time to give the complete system overview
  • Remote Access: System can be accessed remotely or through Dial In and can be connected to a company's local intranet
  • Flexible: Simple to tailor systems to individual requirements
  • Upgradable: This Open System is not dependent upon its hardware and can be upgraded at any stage to maintain compatibility with the system to which it is interfaced
  • Standard Communications & IT: The Open Process Control (OPC) and SQL Server are industry standard Microsoft Windows interface and database software products.

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